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Hartke HD50 Bass Amp Combo

Hartke HD50 Bass Amp Combo

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10" HyDrive speaker, 50 watt Combo

Universal power supply (100V - 240V, 50-60Hz)


Looking for a powerful and versatile bass combo amp? Look no further than the Hartke HD50! With 50 watts of power, a 10-inch HyDrive speaker, and a 3-band EQ, this amp delivers a rich, full-bodied sound that's perfect for any playing style. It also features a built-in limiter, headphone output, and an aux input for playing along with your favorite tracks. Whether you're jamming at home or gigging on stage, the Hartke HD50 has everything you need to sound your best. Order yours today and experience the power and versatility of this top-rated bass amp!

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