Low Price Guarantee

You're guaranteed the lowest price from Audioinclined.com. Period. If at any time within 30 days of your purchase from us, you find the identical item advertised by any other authorized dealer at a price lower than what you paid, We will fully protect you. Just bring in that dealer's ad, along with your original receipt, and we'll gladly refund you 100% of the difference, plus another 10% of that difference. We will also do the same for you at the time of purchase. When matching online prices, our price match will be based upon the competitor’s checkout price (including shipping and handling charges).

Offer includes only bona fide online or bricks and mortar retailers whose business is the sale of first quality musical instruments, equipment and accessories which are authorized by substantially all of the manufacturers whose items they sell, including the item at issue. Item must be advertised in a local or national paper, internet, magazine or catalogue by an authorized U.S. dealer. Discontinued merchandise, gray market merchandise, merchandise on which any identification codes or numbers have been removed or defaced, demo and exclusive models, floor samples, factory seconds, open box items, limited quantity items, closeouts, bundles, misprints, auctions and auction sites, rebates or deferred savings, outlet center items, free or promotional items, vintage and used merchandise, financing and taxes are all exempt.(But send your offers anyway, We can probably beat there price too) We reserve the right to limit quantities of price matched items. Photocopies of ads or receipts will not be accepted as verification.