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Vox VT40+

The perfect combination of innovation and tradition, the VOX Valvetronix + Series combines sophisticated modeling technology with vintage know-how to provide an array of authentic guitar tones that are worthy of the name VOX. Based on the acclaimed VOX Valve Reactor circuit, which utilizes a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube in the power stage, these advanced digital amplifiers retain the familiar warmth of a genuine tube amp. True tube tone is pumped through a custom designed 10” VOX speaker, while the intuitive control set makes customizing the VT40+ to your liking simple.

Slightly larger than the VT20+, the VT40+ is rated at 40 Watts, with 20 Watts Reserve Power, making it a great option for practicing, recording, and gigging!

  • 40 Watts + 20 Watts Reserve Power
  • 12AX7 tube driven technology
  • 33 amp models, 25 effects, 99 instant presets

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