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Mackie ProFX4v2 Mixer with Effects

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Mackie ProFX4v2 Mixer with Effects

4-channel Compact Mixer with Built-in Effects

ProFXv2 Series Mixers
ProFX4v2 • ProFX8v2 • ProFX12v2
ProFX16v2 • ProFX22v2 • ProFX30v2
Mackie ProFXv2 Series mixers provide a comprehensive
live sound solution, with models from 4- to 30-channels,
covering a huge range of applications.
Delivering unmatched sound quality, ProFXv2 features
all-new Mackie Vita™ preamps, which are virtually noiseless
and designed specifically for the highly-dynamic world
of live sound.
ProFXv2 also includes the immensely powerful new
ReadyFX™ effect engine, harnessing floating-point DSP
to deliver 16 rich effects that elevate any performance.
The ProFXv2 no-compromise live sound toolkit
includes a room-shaping GEQ, flexible I/O and a built-in
USB interface for hassle-free recording/playback
With a rugged steel chassis and unmatched sonic
performance, ProFXv2 is truly the life of your live mix.

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